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Who we are?

Dimejium Global Resources is a fast growing Nigeria based firm that deliver ICT products and services through a cutting-edge technology to homes, school and Small-Medium Businesses across the nation. Our business is built around genuine innovation and a unique blend of expertise specifically tailored to the needs of our clients. The success and efficiency of DGR is based on our passionate workers, their professionalism in their relative field and teamwork in promoting the company to achieve her goals is remarkably fantastic.


To engage in sustainable services in delivering refined solutions.



To be the first choice in solutions and products in every household, as we become the world first ICT company.


Operational Plan

Gathering idea on the daily problems of human and its environment and providing solutions with an uncompromising technology and policy. The operational plans for the conversion process of global resources have been one of our achievements which are in line with global standards; our durable and reliable products are excellent. Our goal is to manufacture and render genuine services to the world providing them with solutions that suits the current environmental challenges. Our policy is standardized to fit into the industries having the good interest of the people. DimejiumĀ® ...best of its kind, have projected into the future with better days ahead where the people will enjoy full access to the global resources. We have moved into the 21st century delivering products and services to our clients. We design powerful inverter power systems and its relative applications in wide varieties, farm equipment fabrication that suit the modern technology which are efficient and durable to withstand tough terrains. Dimejium Global Resources (DGR) information technology sector has been one of the top reliable services, good networking services. We also handle general contracts!



High Definition Cameras for detailed recording and quality services. We help you achieve your goals.

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Application of genuine innovation in delivering quality goods and services tailored to the needs of our clients.

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24/7 steady power supply, complement and conveniency at its peak with good electrical wiring. All these at the lowest cost that will surprise you.

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