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Attractive Colours

Our Inverter comes in various colours and also we give our clients the privilege to choose their favourite colour.


Solar Panel Installations

Renewable energy from different location with diferent sources. We do streetlights, farm machines, boreholes, home use etc.


Complete Inverter Unit

Just as you want it or what your budget can cover, we can help you work around it.


Home Use

We do full house wiring also be it conduit or surface for individual and SME even at your farm.


CCTV/ Inverters and All...

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Our CCTV in Action. You may download and use this layout for any purpose of surveillance and viewing from your mobile phones remotely is possible. When powered with our Inverter System, its backup goes greater.

Our Inverter Qualities

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Protection for low battery voltage、over load、output short circuit and over- temperature Restrain surge interference、eliminate noise protection for thunder striking,provide the reliable power to the home appliances

Recent Updates

Flower 1 We Supply Good Batteries

Battery that can be relied on for high backup performance and long battery life is the biggest concern of most inverter.

Flower 2 We go to any Location

Find out our range of efficient home inverters which are high on performance and easy on pocket.

Flower 3 Hotel Card Locks Projects

All our access control solutions are managed via a state-of-the-art software. Configurable precisely to your building and door layout.

Solar complete Renewable Energy, Reduced Bills

Nigeria is richly blessed with various renewable energy resources, Sunlight and Wind are inclusive. We can convert it to energy for your use.